antabuse discourages alcohol abuse mainly by antabuse food i

antabuse discourages alcohol abuse mainly by antabuse food i

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+ 150 others found this useful 5. Refusing to take medications to treat withdrawal symptoms. I use medications as sparingly, and in as low doses, as possible. However, if withdrawal symptoms are so intense and/or persistent, they need to be treated. The patient and I are unable to continue tapering if withdrawal symptoms are active. Patients are ready to taper, and lower their Valium dose, only when they are in a place of stability and control with their anxiety. Take this medication exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Follow the directions on your prescription label carefully. Therapeutic concentration monitoring is recommended for tricyclic antidepressants when coadministered with AGENERASE.

antabuse discourages alcohol abuse mainly by
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Re: antabuse discourages alcohol abuse mainly by antabuse fo

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